Friday, April 6, 2012

Foundry Napoleonics WIP

Got back from visiting my family in Hawaii today; after taking a short nap, I went ahead and started on the Foundry Napoleonic "mixed bag" I got from a fellow TMPer a few weeks ago. A small unit of Austrians received a block paint job. I'm holding off staining them with Minwax until all the other figures are painted; figure I'll give them all the stain at the same time.
Here are the rest of the Foundry figures. As you can see they are in small units ranging from six to nine figures. These should work great for Sharp Practice; and in that vein they are based individually on metal washers.
I plan to paint the French Legere as Neuchatel Battalion and the Ligne as Italians.

Here's a photo I took the day before I left my visit - it's of the plaque up at Nu'uanu Pali commemorating the 1795 battle there between the forces of Kamehameha of the Big Island and Kalanikupule of Oahu. The Oahu defenders were driven or jumped off the cliffs by Kamehameha's forces.
It is somewhat of a sacred and spooky place; the steep cliffs (pali in Hawaiian) and the strong winds lend to this feeling. When the old highway was being built in the late 19th Century hundreds of skulls were found below the cliffs - thought to be those of the warriors that fell to their deaths.


  1. Very nice Dan. Can't wait to see your Neuchatel battalion painted up, they have a fantastic looking uniform, probably my favourite Napoleonic uniform.

  2. Tss, just back from your holidays and already showing off again! ;-)

  3. Thanks again, Gents!

    Burkhard: LOL! That's what my wife always says - I tell her that I do it because of a my need to keep a captive audience! Best, Dean

  4. Great start and a cracking story; a wonderful and inspiring landscape.

  5. Great opening gambit, Dean. Our group loves the 'Canaries'. I painted them up for my collection a few years back and they always seem to find themselves getting drilled at the front of every forlorn hope (must be their colour...), poor lads.

    Beautiful and haunting landscape there - thanks for the picture!



  6. That does look like a spooky place - I can feel the atmosphere from here!