Sunday, April 15, 2012

Ashigaru Sashimono

I won a couple of packs of Wargames Factory plastic sashimono off of ebay; unfortunately, I only received one pack of 25. The other pack is shown as confirmed delivered - but I never received it. I filed a complaint with the USPS and they are figuring out what happened. I suspect one of my neighbors may have gotten it mistakenly and either hasn't turned it back the post office or tossed it once they saw a bunch of little plastic thingees inside. Anyway, I painted up what I had for the Old Glory Ashigaru spearmen. The patterns for both units are taken from the Siege of Osaka Castle painting.
These plastic sashimono are ideal as they are light and can be twisted a bit for variation of placement.
The next unit is short five sashimono; I won another pack off of ebay using the buy it now option today. As soon as it arrived (hopefully to my address), I'll add the remaining five. I'll likely add sashimono the the Ashigaru archers with the remaining one.

I ran out of Minwax Tudor stain, so attempted using some Future floor wax mixed with Vallejo ink/stain. It didn't come out as nice as Minwax, so gave it a wash of Vallejo stain and added highlights. Unless I come up with a good mixture, I'm sticking to Minwax.

Here are a couple of pictures of the WAB Dark Age Campaign battles we played yesterday. My Thematic Byzantines lost to Old Bob's terrible Goths. Luckily my Army General survived and I was able to retain my earlier campaign victory award of 10 percent extra points for my army.
Speaking of WAB, Pat Lowinger and I are hosting a few WAB pick up/demo games at Enfilade! next month. Pat is also hosting a mini-tournament on the last day of the convention. We have 12 confirmed players - not bad as normally there is only one WAB game for the entire 3-day convention.


  1. You do produce some wonderfully appalling units; even more possible distractions - what will I do?

  2. Great looking Sashimono's and units!


  3. How did you feel about the quality of the Wargames Factory sculpts? I've heard some pretty negative stuff about their earlier stuff, just wondering if it has improved.


  4. Thanks a lot for the comments, Gentlemen.

    Jacob: I only have the Sashimono for the Japanese sets - and they are nice. I did get a box of their Numidian Light Infantry - I liked those a lot - lots of spare parts and nicely sculpted. Well-worth the price for sure.

    Best, Dean

  5. Impressive!

    On a side note: I've attempted to find Tudor Minwax Polyshades acrylic all over my area, to no avail.

    I can't even find in on the internet. Do you have a supplier I can contact that would ship out to the east coast? I am eager to give the Minwax technique a try.....


  6. Greg:

    The only place in WA State that I've found it at was in Ace Hardware stores. The one down the street is out, but they said they'd restock it. It's Polyshades # 360. Dean

  7. Love the work on the sashimono, I used to fit them on the figure and then paint them!!!!!!!