Sunday, April 29, 2012

Black Powder Casualty Markers - British Rifles

Made a pair of casualty markers using a spare plastic sprue from a Perry box. One is painted as the 60th and the other the 95th. The backpacks have decals from Alban Miniatures.
The 95th guy was used pretty much as is off the sprue - except for the positioning of the arms. The 60th guy was converted a little - mainly his legs and left arm. Green Stuff was used for the repositioning. As with the other casualty markers, cheap plastic poker chips are used along with some acrylic caulking for the bases.
I also painted up a Foundry Russian Artillery crew as I had left over green paint used for the Rifles. I should've waited longer for the Minwax to dry - the Dullcote is still a little shiny.


  1. Thanks, Ray! Appreciate the comment, Dean

  2. Superb! A great idea basing them on the chips; that must make them much clearer to see on the table.

  3. I concur with Michael - I really like the poker chip effect. I think I'll do the same. I hope you accept that immitation is sincere flattery. By the way, do you vary the colour of the chips with nationality - blue for French etc?

  4. Lovely! I really like the casualties themselves! Most people just cut the integral base off a plastic minis, slump in on the ground and call it a casualty. Just a few cuts and a little green stuff can make such a huge difference!

  5. Thanks for the great comments, everyone.

    Unlucky General:

    I do have blue chips for the French. I just do one each with an actual casualty figure; the rest of the markers are plain colored chips - usually haphazardly place under the one with the casualty - so they can be counted.

    Best, Dean

  6. I hate how your casualties look better than my living troops.