Thursday, April 26, 2012

Foundry Austrian Cavalry

Here are two "tiny" units of Austrian cavalry made by Foundry. These are somewhat smaller (mainly the mounts) than current Perry models. Yet, they are indeed nicely sculpted and look fine on the table next to their larger brethren. These are Cuirassiers and 4th Hussars. From what I found on the internet, it appears all of the saddle blankets were red with yellow borders.
4th Hungarian Hussars with "parrot green" jackets and campaign trousers; the full-dress breeches were red.
Their pale blue shakos really make them stand out.
Here are the cuirassiers - several regiments had blue facings. Austrian cuirassiers only wore breastplates  which I'm sure was a cost-savings, but also motivated the wearer to not turn his back to the enemy. Still need to fashion a unit flag.
Although I had earlier mentioned that these small units would be great for Sharp Practice, I now plan to use them with Black Powder rules. Basically keep them in skirmish order and use many of the attributes in the useful rules section.


  1. oh man oh always my friend...beautiful work of art! I have 60 1812 infantry figs and 20 Russian Command figs 1st edition Old Glory their yours if you want them for free! ....


  2. Looking good as usual!

    There is nothing more motivating then kowing you have no protection if you turn around. ;-)

  3. Stunning work as usual - I really like the hussars and you can use them as "Tiny Units" in Black Powder as scout detachments.

  4. Beautiful painting Dean. Great stuff.

  5. Howzit Dean

    Lovely old Foundry figures - I particularly like the "Parrots' (as those hussars were called) - the Austrian cavalry were man for man a match or more for the French. The Austrian Kuirassier were particularly courageous but greatly disadvantaged by the lack of a back plate. The is a quote I read from a French cavalryman saying that meeting head on, the honors were about even, however, when the French rode past they were able to give the point of their swords to the unprotected backs of the Austrians and inflicted heavy casualties on them. Despite this experience I don't think they ever equipped them with a back plate - Saxon cuirassiers were the same - and both often fought without any cuirass which was, as you point out, a very expensive bit of equipment!

    Great painting bro!


  6. Thank you all for the great comments! I really appreciate them and are very useful.

    Phil: I hope you're going to Enfilade! next month. I'll see you there.

    Best, Dean

  7. Beautiful, just beautiful figures Dean!

  8. Beautiful work once again Dan, the Hussars look superb, just love the blue shako and green jackets!!!

  9. Thanks again, Gents.

    I think I may someday add more figures to each unit to bring them up to full-strength.

    Warm regards, Dean