Saturday, March 24, 2012

Foundry Lead-Poisioning

I had just started working on a Warlord Russian Command set when the postal service delivered a box of Foundry lead which I had traded for a box of Fireforge Teutonic Knights with a generous TMP member. He had answered my "want add" for three Foundry Russian Cuirassiers so I could finish that unit. He said he had a command pack as well as a lot of other Foundry he said he'd never paint. I mentioned several items for a trade, but he just wanted the box of knights along with any spare Victrix or Perry plastics. As he told me, it would be a grab bag mixed lot - but boy what a haul!

Here are the Russians. The foot figures are really nice - the infantry wearing the forage caps looks great and would be a fine unit for Sharp Practice. The cavalry figures are three each Cuirassiers and Dragoons. Also, a nice artillery piece and crew of three.
Here are some French infantry - both Line and Light - I may finally paint up a small unit of Neuchatel guys - again for Sharp Practice. I'm sure I can find some spare mounts for the Brits. The Bavarians are also nice and enough for a Sharp Practice group.
Some Austrians - mostly command figures - but also very beautifully sculpted.
The next group has some figures that I'm not exactly sure what they are. I'm pretty sure the cavalry are what they are, but the foot figures not so much. In fact, the guys with the question marks next to them don't look like Foundry - at least not in the style the rest of the figures pictured here. They are very beautifully sculpted too though - slightly taller and look like current Perry offerings. UPDATE: Those are likely Austrian Cuirassiers - I now see that their helmet plates don't have the Imperial cypher. And the infantry on the left are indeed Austrians.
The next group of Foundry are French that my buddy gave me as compensation for the figures I painted for him earlier. Mostly officers and a few artillery crewmen. I really like the mounted guy at the top - unusual that rider and mount are cast as a single model.
So, all in all a fine collection of beautiful figures that can be used in skirmish gaming; as well as nice additions to command stands for Black Powder.


  1. Hi Dean, might the one piece casting be holding a pipe? I think he may be Lasalle!

    Cheers, Simon

  2. I think he's pointing finger - it might be a pipe - hard to tell. Thanks, Dean

  3. These should take you two or three days.

  4. The ??? boys might be Brunswickers c1815.

    Austrians always seem to have the 'cross of straps' over their canteens which is the 'tell' for them.
    ...Doug H.

  5. I think the one piece cavalry man is an old freebie from Wargames Illustrated pre-Battlefront days. He is pointing by the way.

    The reason I say this is I also have him in the lead pile - free to a good home if anybody is interested.


  6. Wow! What a result; just when you thought you were getting the lead mountain under control!

  7. It surely was a nice trade; especially since I'm focused on Napoleonics at the time (uh oh). At least I have them sorted into small groups - which should make them more enjoyable to paint.

    Doug: Thanks again for the tip on the Brunswickers.

    Ross: Thanks for solving that mystery too!

    Best to all, Dean

  8. If it is the "freebie" from when Duncan was running WI - I think it is Sir Stapleton Cotton, who served under Wellington in the Peninsula - evidently you can now get these figures from Trent Miniatures: