Friday, March 2, 2012

Foundry Napoleonic French - WIP

Started on a few Foundry French Artillery crewmen and a couple of mounted officers. These are figures I'm painting up for a friend; in exchange he gave me some Foundry Russian Cuirassiers and a few French mounted officers.
Since their uniforms are basically all dark blue, they should be completed rather quickly. They are nice figures and although slightly shorter overall than the current Perry sculpts, as well as Victrix, they should still fit in nicely with them.

Here are the Russian Cuirassiers.
The riders themselves don't look too bad next to current Perry plastics; However, the horses are noticeably smaller. I plan to mount them on GW-type plastic bases for added height. Otherwise, I don't see any problems with them next to the Front Rank Pavlovsk Grenadiers. I also plan to get some Perry plastic Russian infantry once they're released - supposedly later next month.


  1. Great looking start there Dean.

  2. That's interesting Dean, are you painting in the blue ater the epaulettes and buttons? Or has flash washed the blue out of the photo?


  3. They look great, I'm guessing the blue is already there it's just the flash that makes it appear darker.

  4. That's my guess, too. They look like Brunswickers! ;-)

  5. Hello again, Gentlemen.

    As for the blue, it has yet to be painted. I'm using this sort of reverse method to allow some of the black to remain for black lining. It seems to work well with Napoleonics having lots of facings, piping, buttons and straps.

    I will post the next step soon. Thanks for the interest, Dean

  6. Ah, intersting! I'll be curious to see how it works out. Cheers, Simon