Saturday, March 17, 2012

WAB Dark Ages Campaign - Game Day #2 - 3/17/12

We had a nice turnout today for our second game day of the Dark Ages Campaign Pat L. is running. We had four games running concurrently in two separate rounds. I showed up with my Thematic Byzantines - two units of combined Elite cavalry and one of combined Elite infantry as we're still at only 1,500 points. My opponent for the first round was Ron with his all-infantry Vikings. His skirmishing archers were doing a pretty good job at whittling down one of my cavalry units. However, my other cavalry unit with their bows was doing some damage to his main infantry. His skirmishers ran off the table and I ended up winning this game on points.
Adrian also had a Thematic Byzantine army - although his cavalry wasn't combined with bows. He also had one cavalry unit as skirmishers. He went against Dan's Vikings in the first round - I believe Dan won both of his games today.
I failed to get a photo of Pat's Thematic Byzantines that fought against Bruce D.'s Arthurians in the first round. I did manage to get a photo of James' Early-Byzantines going against Old Bob's Ostrogoths. I think James won his first round too. Bob braved some early-morning snow to make up all the way from Oregon.

Some of us, like me, who wouldn't be able to attend our next game day went ahead and fought another battle. I won against Adrian at the very end of Turn 6. My single foot unit defeated his cavalry unit along with his Army General - nothing like a clear victory. So far, for the three games I've played, I've won two and tied one - the first game against Pat. Interestingly (or maybe uninterestingly) most of us have either Thematic Byzantine or Russian armies - no one wanted to go with the less sexy-types, I guess. Pat will be posting an update of our standings in the campaign soon on his site, Northwest Historical Wargames.


  1. More great looking games; Byzantine themed armies are obviously the way to go!

  2. Sounds like a lot of great games were had, nice pics too!!!!

  3. Thanks, Gents. I'm looking forward to our armies increasing to 2K soon. I've already pointed up several additional units. Best, Dean

  4. Quite a fun afternoon with some really well painted armies.

  5. Nice looking games and Byzantine armies just look great!