Sunday, February 12, 2012

Late-Japaneses WAB Army - Rebase

I went ahead and rebased all of the Retainer bowmen and most of the Retainer spearmen. The bowmen are on metal washers that came off of the Victrix stuff that were rebased onto Litko squares. Initially, most of the bowmen and spearmen were on 40X40mm squares - I was thinking that they'd be used for Hail Caesar, but this way, they can be used for WAB also.
The bowmen will be used in Open Order formed units and the spearmen, having upgraded to pikes, are Close Ordered. I spent a long time cutting CD cases for movement trays, but decided to just use some plasticard. I don't plan on having edges to the trays, except for the front.


  1. My tutorial on how I do plasti-card movement trays may give you some ideas Dean, you can find it in my "Labels".

    Leaving the sides open is not a bad idea at all. I do leave the backs open all the time on my stuff.

  2. Thanks, PC. I plan not to do elaborate trays - no need to flock, just paint the magnetic sheet that will go on the trays. Dean

  3. I might actually do that on my next batch of WAB, but with an elaborate frontage. Fantasy doesn't work that way with there spacing rules.