Saturday, February 25, 2012

Front Rank Pavlovsk Grenadiers - WIP +1

Gave the remainder of the grenadiers a brush-on stain of Minwax Tudor Satin. Once the stain dries overnight they'll be given a finish of Testors Dullcote, followed by some highlighting of the coats. The mitre plate will also get a dry-brush of gold, and the trousers a dry-brush of white. Then they'll get based on 40mm square Litko plywood stands.
Prior to the stain they were given a production-line block paint job. I used a darker green than the first test figures.
Tomorrow I'll meet my buddy Pat L. at The Game Matrix to pick up some plastic Ancients he asked me to help glue together for a Lydian WAB army he's building for Adepticon in April. He's giving me some plastic stuff in exchange. Pat just returned from Strategicon where his Early-Macedonian WAB army was undefeated - and incidentally beat Jeff Jonas' Ptolemaic army. Pat is tireless and is running a WAB Dark Ages Campaign for some of us here in WA State; he's also going to GM a WAB "tournament" at Enfilade! in May. Although I've really come back to playing, and enjoying WAB, I do plan on running a largish Trojan War game using Hail Caesar. I hope to have that project up and running after Enfilade!


  1. Dean, how do you do the dip? Do you thin the Minwax or brush it on full strength?

    I like the look and it seems to be a much quicker way to get things painted. For special projects, I'll still use my slow, painful method. However, this promises to decrease a bit of the lead pile.

  2. David:

    When the can was new, I used it full strength - applying it with a brush. Since then, the stain has dried a bit - now I have the can in a ZipLock bag) - so I use mix a bit of thinner when applying the it. I dip the brush in the thinner and then the stain. Seems to work well enough.