Thursday, February 2, 2012

Front Rank Ebay Score

Won these Front Rank figures last week on ebay - no one else bid on them and I couldn't pass them up as they were going for about half-price. The figures are 12 French Chasseur a Cheval - including command and two elites in colpacks; and 24 Russian Pavlov Grenadiers - including command. I definitely can use the Chasseurs, as they were present in almost every major battle. The Pavlov Grenadiers, on the other hand, will likely be just an interesting unit to have in a collection, as I don't plan on building a Russian army - at least at this time. I do love their old-fashioned mitres. Anyway, I am in no big rush to paint either units - I'm just happy I won them at such a great price. Now back to those Warlord Romans.


  1. Good score Dean,its not as easy as it used to be to find a bargain on Ebay particularly with popular figure manufacturers. The mixture of French and Russian may have been one reason why there were no other bids, but you could always sell the Russians on again.
    Regards HGA.

  2. Thanks, HGA. The seller listed the two individually - actually he had a lot of Front Rank items - some painted. I plan to keep the Ruskies as I love their look.

    BTW, that Sellasia game is very inspiring - ever since reading that cool account in Plutarch's Lives (Philopoemen) I've wanted to try that scenario. You really pulled it off well. Best, Dean

  3. You can get a real bargin on Ebay sometime but then you get some people who bid more for something when you could get it cheaper off the likes of Front Rank.

  4. What a tremedous result; I must remember to check on ebay more often.