Saturday, October 15, 2011

Warlord Praetorians - Second Unit Completed

Thanks to Dave at Warlord who kindly sent me a sprue of parts that I was missing, as wells a full decal sheet - I was able to finish this unit. Since the sprue included additional figures, I added a figure to each unit; bringing them up to 21-men each. Here is the second unit with LBMS transfers.
And the two Praetorian units side by side - the red shields are included in the box and are traditional water-slide types.
As these are my first EIR units, it is similar to building a Napoleonic French army by starting with Old Guard, or a WW2 German army with King Tigers, but since they were acquired as a trade off for building some Victrix, I don't mind.

Tomorrow, I'm hosting a trial Black Powder game with a few buddies. We're using the "El Perez" scenario in the book; although scaled-down and modified with the far fewer figures than the Perrys used. The scenario, for those without the rulebook, has the British needing to cross the river in a fighting retreat. The French come on if they roll successful Command rolls. Although I think I read the rules correctly and the units can opt to use a one move Initiative move if they want to, ensuring they will at least get on the table.
Above is the set up before several more buildings and the river and bridge arrive courtesy of one of my buddies. Also, two others are bringing additional British troops - a Rocket unit and some British Marines. The table is 8 X 5 feet - looks tight, but at least we should get a good familiarization with the basic rules.


  1. Troops look awesome Dean. Table layout looks good too.

  2. Really great stuff! I actually have an entire army of these, but haven't got around to finishing off the rough edges and posting them. Well done!


  3. Great Praetorians Dean and the BP game looks like a lot of fun.

  4. Thanks, Gents! I appreciate the interest and comments. I'm really looking forward to playing BP; reading over the rules - they're probably not for hardcore Napoleonic players, but may be what I'm after. Who knows, if all goes well, I may even try out Hail Caesar. Best, Dean

  5. Your Praetorians look awesome Dean. Hope you enjoy your BP game - it really lends itself well to really big battles but doesn't tie you down in detail - very aptly called a 'gentleman's' rules set. The Ancients version 'Hail Caesar' also promises to be a very enjoyable rule set. - the book is full of the same delicious eye-candy!


  6. Very nice Praetorians, Dean. I left mine 'til last, so they aren't done yet! The shields look brilliant with thiose transfers.

    Both BP and HC are good rulesets, even though I find myself frequently swearing about the latter. But I do always come back to it for another game.

  7. Breathtaking!

    Let us know how your BP game turns out. I am slowly, but surely, working on forces for the Sudan for BP, and would love to hear your thoughts on the rules.


  8. Greg:

    The BP game went very well; so much so I just order Hail Caesar! Not throwing away my WAB 2.0 book, but want to see how Hail Caesar feels with a bunch of Ancients running around trying to hurt each other. Best, Dean