Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fort Steilacoom - Fright Night Gaming - 10/29/11

Thanks to Lawrence, Damond and Bruce S., a fun (and a bit spooky) night of gaming was held at Fort Steilcoom's historic officer's quarters tonight (10/29/11). At the last two Fix Bayonets! game days, a few of us discussed the possibility of a having a game night close to Halloween at the Fort. Thanks to Lawrence being a member of the historical society (or is he the president?), we got to do just this. Bruce S. ran a fantastic scenario set during the later part of the 19th Century on the Austro-Hungarian border. In fact, Dracula's castle was on the table. There were all sorts of forces ranging from Zouaves on loan from the Pope to Pumpkin-headed demons. I ran a unit of Hungarian Chasseurs. The ones I didn't manged to get killed off ended up joining the ranks of Zombies. Here are a few pics of the game - most of my photos were blurred due to us playing only by candlelight.

The game was called a victory for the forces of Evil - well, better on the gaming table than elsewhere. After the game, Lawrence showed me and Adrian a spookier place. It was the building next to the one we played in - Quarters Number 3.
Lawrence said he has experience a lot of unexplained activity in the building - and some of the other ones. He spends a lot of time here as part of the historical preservation society - in which he is a reenactor too.

Suffice to say, it's a spooky place; and sharing the grounds with the Western State Hospital - with some dangerous characters locked up right behind the place only adds to it's "charm." Oh, I almost forgot to mention, but Lawrence said once he found a woman recently released from the hospital living in the building we gamed in. There were no signs of forced entry when he went in. When he asked the woman how she got in, she replied that the people running around on the roof let her in!


  1. Spooky stuff indeed! Halloween isn't that popular here in the Netherlands but some themed gaming like this, I can see catching on ;-) great read anyway!

    cheers Sander

  2. Oh I like spooky stuff, Yah!

    Great looking game. Thanks for the photos and report.



  3. I hope you guys didn't record the white noise.