Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Perry Nap. British Infantry - WIP +1

Over a black undercoat, the flesh and white items have been painted. Nothing special; just trying to stay within the lines as the figures will be given a Miniwax stain after all the basic colors are painted. Next willlikely be the red coats and blue facings; these will be given a little bit of highlighting - same as the black items like backpacks and headgear. ADDENDUM: I forgot to credit Doug Hamm (of Larry Leadhead fame) for instructing me on this technique a couple of seasons ago. Thanks again, Doug.
I'm trying to push myself as the Old Glory order of 2nd Edition French infantry will be picked up from my buddy on Saturday - at the Fright Night game.


  1. Intrigued as to why you chose to paint the white before the red.

  2. +1 with Mike. I know I couldn't do it. I'm waiting for the rest

  3. I'll third the white first?? I'd spend too much time repainting the white after I'd plastered red all over it!!

  4. Hi Dean,

    Interesting method with the black undercoat and then white over the top. Do you find this more effective than grey undercoat and white over the top?



  5. Moving along fine.........ah well any thoughts of naps is out the window as a load of aventine figures just rocked up.
    As, for the black undercoat, I do the same on everything I paint.

  6. How did the Victrix parts match up with the Perry? - I've got several boxes of Victrix British and French naps sitting around as I like the Perry plastic a lot more. As usual, I may try to copy your work!

    Great job - your combination of speed and quality still amazes me

  7. I too would do the white latter on, but hey whatever works for you.Great work so far mate.

  8. Thanks for the interest and comments, everyone.

    I've used this method (white on black undercoat) in the past, ever since a fellow gamer (Doug Hamm of Larry Leadhead fame) told me about it. I was a bit skeptical too, but used this method on the Highlanders and it works. The idea being leaving a bit of the black showing takes care of the black lining. In fact, besides the sleeves, there really is very little red to painted on the jacket-proper - with all of the straps and lacing.

    Miles: Victrix and Perry plastic parts fit perfectly for both their French & British sets.

    Best, Dean

  9. Ah, my Padawan, understand the method you do! Much success gained you have.....

    For all those reading about this style of painting; To REALLY have this technique, one must start painting the buttons, then the cuffs, then the sleeves. WHAT?! you say! Well after doing all that fine stuff, your brush will not want to touch those areas already done. Thus will tend to leave the area around them undone. With a black undercoat/primer, this area is black and becomes an immediate outline rather than trying to go back after the fact.
    This method is, in fact, very quick as you can see from Dean's extremely fast painting. The boy is quick! ;-)

    Thanks for the credit Dean
    Glad to be of help
    Doug Hamm

  10. Ah...should've done the buttons first - yes, I can see how some of the facing color and lacing went over that area. STILL learning - I'll never get a real light saber at this rate :)! Best,D ean