Friday, October 28, 2011

Black Powder Napoleonic Rebasing

Using some nice Litko 40X40mm plywood bases (3mm thick), I managed to rebase all of the Victrix and Perry plastics I had on metal washers. These are all the line infantry types - I left the Voltigeurs on their washers for skirmishing & also for Sharp Practice gaming.
Here are the French - two 24-man Line units (Victrix), and one 24-man Light unit (Perry) - also 12 more Perrys that need to be increased to 24.
Next the British - four 24-man Line units (all Victrix) with colors representing the 3rd "Buffs", 27th Inniskilling (colors from the Perry box), and 42nd Blackwatch and 79th Cameron Highlanders; in the rear are the recently painted Perry infantry - still needing colors for the 2nd Coldstream Guards.

Acrylic latex caulking was used for texturing as well as attaching the figures. Once the caulking is dry it'll get some paint and static grass.


  1. Thanks! I was surprised to see that the British outnumber the French at the moment. It was nice to base them properly to see them ranked up and broken into units. Best, Dean

  2. Come on Dean this just isn't fair!
    I head off to work, come back in the next day and as well as finishing all those Brits you have also rebased 2 full armies!!!

    Do you ever sleep? I hang my head in shame.

    Very nice by the way!

  3. Awesome. Really like the highlanders kilts. Great work.

  4. Really taking shape Dean looking forward to seeing those bases textured,I think that will really show off your exellent paint work!
    well done!

  5. I feel your pain...I have been doing nothing but rebasing lately. I was thinking of rebasing my four man bases to six man bases. It never seems to end. I think I will stick to the four man bases after seeing your work.

  6. That's a pretty impresive group of troops. Love the looks of them.

    Acrylic Latex caulk, hadn't thought of every using that for a bit of texture.

  7. Excellent work on your armies!

    Not only do the figures look very nice, but the composition into units works for 'em. I can't wait to see how they look when you finish the bases.

  8. Very nice! Big job... I preer the look of the square bases, to washers.

  9. Thanks again, everyone. They are far easier to pick up and move now. Now what to do with the washers? More figures for skirmish!? LOL!

    PC: At first, I thought I would use PVA to glue the figures and then work the caulk around the bases. Then figured I might as well just slap on the caulk and place the figures on top of it - seems to work very well - at least for these plastic figures. Maybe metal might need more adhesion (or maybe not?). I'll see when I base the OG 2nd Ed. metals.

    Thanks again for the interest and great comments, Dean

  10. Great looking French and British Dean.

  11. Super looking army and your production rate makes me hang my head in shame. It takes me a few days to do one Impetus base and you do paint whole units or rebase entire armies!