Sunday, October 2, 2011

Project Plastic +1

All of the Victrix British are done. Actually I need to let my buddy know if he has one of the sprues. I didn't have the one with the drummers and sergeants. Otherwise there are enough here for two each Light and Line battalions. EDIT: my buddy emailed me back and had already put together the sergeants and drummers - so they are all ready for his paint brush.
Here's a picture of what I mentioned in the previous post; about gluing the two arms together first with Testors modelling cement. This allows easier (read: less fiddly) attachment to the body. It's actually the way this similar arm-pose is cast for the Perry French infantry set. That is, both arms are already attached together.
And soon after - before the cement is completely dry - you should have more than enough time to do this.
Next up, the Warlord Praetorians.


  1. Useful tip with the arms there.

    With hindsight, I should have done my Warlord Pike+Shotte the same way :D

  2. Quite a lot of work, there! Takes time to put Victrix together, nicely.

  3. Great idea Dean. Nice work so far.