Friday, July 30, 2010

Perry French Hussars - WIP + 2

Just a quick update - mainly to prove to myself that I'm going to finish this project. Managed to pick up a brush today after not touching one for about 2 weeks. I had planned to finish up the horses, but I had a lot of left over red from doing the dog-tooth pattern on the shabraques. Not wanting to waste the red, I painted the dolmans on the riders. Well, that made me want to see how the basic colors of the uniform would look - for the 9th Regiment. 
Probably won't touch them again until next week as I'm going up to Seattle tomorrow for a game day hosted by the Metro Seattle Gamers.


  1. I want to see what the guys look like when there done, keep it up

  2. Great work so far!

    I'd love to hear how you did the horses - one of my shortcomings is my lack of enthusiasm when it comes to painting the beasts!


  3. Greg:

    I was the same way with horses - apprehensive and felt they really slowed down projects. However, the method I normally use now (which is the way these are done) is fairly fast and very simple. It's just a wash of Vallejo Red Brown & Black (about 70:30) over a light tan base coat. The tan used for this particular project was an available can of Krylon Camo tan. Any light tannish color should work the same. After the wash I went over some areas of recesses with the same stain/ink mixture. In the photo, the manes and tails were yet to receive a dry-brush of either grey or light tan. I think you'll find this method satisfactory. Dean

  4. Greg:

    I meant to say the wash is a mixture of Vallejo Ink/Stains - not paint. Dean

  5. Those horses are gorgeous Dean,
    Look forward to seeing the unit finished off.