Friday, July 23, 2010

WAB 2nd Ed. Playtest

My buddy Adrian & I had another round of playtesting the 2nd E. rules for an upcoming game we're hosting next week. It's the same scenario of the Heraclea game we hosted at Enfilade! - but we used 1.5 rules for that one. We had already tried out the new rules before, but it was with our Shieldwall armies.

The forces from the initial set up. We decided to adjust the Epirote start line to be 18" from their edge - the width of the table is five feet. The elephants will be allowed to start at 9" from the edge - no closer than 8" from the Tarantine light cavalry on the left flank. Pyrruhus' horse and the Companion wedge are considered used to elephants.
The Epirote battle line. From the right flank: Companion heavy cavalry, Epirote and levy phalanxes, Mercenary Greek phalanxes, Tarantine light infantry, and Tarantine light cavalry.
The center of the Epirote battle line - Merc Hoplites and Tarantine light infantry in the foreground; the Eagle King and elephants in reserve.
 The Roman battle line moving across the Siris River. Light cavalry and skirmishers already across the river screening.
Hypaspist, Cretan archers, and Mercenary Peltasts advancing on the Roman skirmishers.
View from the Roman right.

An elie awaiting the moment to charge into the fray. Companion heavy cavalry wedge in combat with Roman cavalry in the foreground. I must admit that I don't like the new scatter dice rule for missile fire wounds. Using the old template, the elephant would have normally stampeded into the enemy. (Don't ask me why there's a Roman in the trunk.)
It was very interesting playing out the subtle changes which have some significant implications. For instance, my cavalry wedge won a round of combat and having passed their leadership test, the Romans opted to "Give Ground." This new rule, which is applicable to cavalry and drilled infantry, has the loser of the round roll 2D6 movement back and still face the enemy. The winner then has to move forward his normal movement. Luckily, Adrian rolled low and the wedge unit moved back into contact with the enemy. However, this was now in enemy territory with enemy supporting units which could easily flank attack the wedge in an upcoming turn. Granted, if the unit giving ground hits an obstacle, such as another unit, it would then have to flee. Anyway, it's something to be aware of - the winner of the round of combat is kind of drawn into the enemy's grasp. At least the losing unit which gave ground cannot charge the next turn - it's considered too worn out and disorganized. I would much rather have the winner be allowed to choose if he wants to "pursue" or not after the enemy gives ground.

After our game next weekend, we'll be planning on trying out the unofficial WH Napoleon rules. The goal is to host a WH Napoleon game for the Truants. We also discussed to try a true skirmish game using WAB for an early-Samurai game. I'm thinking of something along the lines of the Raid on Sanjo Palace in 1159. Oh, and also the Actium game using Roman Seas. We'll be getting some Langton models soon.


  1. Nice looking game cheers for sharing cant wait to get into the new rules. Where have you got your Warhammer Nap rules from?

  2. I'm still waiting to see WAB 2.0 rules, WFB 8.0 has overshadowed it a lot where I'm from.

    You're photos appear too wide for your template at least in Opera on my Mac it is rendering funny.

  3. James:

    The rules are at the link in the post. Open the link and it should be the first of the three files there.


    I reduced the images - they were X-large and did go over the listings on the right of the page.


  4. Awesome looking game!

  5. Thanks for the link to the WH Nap rules Dean. Very interesting - may give'em a go. Great looking WAB battle - planning an AAR? Love your Seleucid Nellies in the rear - particularly 'Stompy' picking up that dude with his trunk and about to hurl him somewhere (probably on the ground - to be stomped!) Nice action piece.


  6. Doc:

    Yes, I'll post a good AAR after the actual game next Saturday. I hope to also include photos and captions of the other games being held too. Thanks, Dean

    P.S. Can't hurt to try out new rules - especially when they're based off of familiar ones (WAB) and free too :)!

  7. Very nice looking board and thanks for sharing some of your thoughts on WAB2.I'm pretty happy with the rules and already been playing a few games myself.


  8. Great looking game.

  9. Nice replay of your Enfilade game!


  10. Ted:

    Adrian and I will be running this tomorrow (Saturday) at MSG's game day up in Seattle. This time with another elephant and the new 2nd Ed. rules. Then we'll be concentrating on Roman Seas and WH Naps - of course, Adrian has a few other side projects himself. Dean