Sunday, July 18, 2010

Perry French Hussars - WIP

Finally got around to start on these puppies. Horses up first. Besides a command sprue of two horses - one for the officer and the other the bulger, I presume -  there are four identical sprues of  three horse figures - each in two halves. So, you could build nine "unique" variants and duplicate three of them - which is what I did. Funny how I stink at math, but managed to figure this out.

This is one of those sprues of three horses. The sprues also come with three carbines - so make sure you don't chuck them after removing the horse parts. I used a wire cutter to remove the parts but, a slender-nosed sniper would be better. I just go with what I have sometimes. The plastic the Perrys use is much tougher than the type Victrix uses.
Here are the various horse poses that I came up with from the four identical sprues.
These are the two from the command sprue. Note the officer's horse blanket - as opposed to the sheepskins on the rank & file types.
For basing, I used Wargame Accessories 1x 2" metal stands super-glued to plasticard. This way they can be placed on magnetic movement trays, as well as adding some weight to the otherwise light cav. Here's the basic "stuff" for this.
Here are the horses mounted to the bases - I used Testors liquid cement to glue them to the bases; the same glue was used for putting the horse halves together. This is better than super-glue for plastics, IMO.
They will now get a soapy bath prior to priming. Stay tuned for updates.

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