Sunday, July 11, 2010

Victrix Highlanders Command

Finally finished these Victrix guys - they were already partially completed, but when the Aventine elephants arrived, work was put on hold. Now that focus will be shifting toward the Battle of Actium and some Langton 1/1200th scale ships, figured if they didn't get done now, they'd be collecting even more dust.
Still need to finish the staffs for the standards, as well as getting some 42nd Regimental and King's colours. Oh, and there are a couple of mounted colonels that need to be painted too. I'll probably paint only one of the mounted guys as 42nd. The other officer could be a 92nd guy - I have some left-over figures that might be used as such. Not anytime soon, though.

I'm not sure of the color of the bagpipe bag - I read somewhere that they weren't tartan pattern. The Victrix box shows the bag in green, but I would've thought the color should be the facing color?


  1. For what it's worth every set of bagpipes I have ever run from had a tartan covering over the bag, and I'm fairly sure they use bone fittings on the pipes.

    How do rate the Victrix plastic miniatures, have you painted any of the Perry's plastic offerings?

  2. Paint:

    I like both Perry & Victrix. Victrix is a little more work - heads, arms, etc. But otherwise they look great together. In fact, I've used Victrix arms & muskets on Perry figures and you can't tell the difference. I'd highly recommend both. As far as that bag - now I'll have to research - it wouldn't be too hard to redo it in a tartan pattern - so little exposed. Thanks, Dean

  3. Dean
    Beautiful work! Very good Scots!

  4. Dean - they are beautiful figures. As PP says, the pipes inlay is bone, not metal and the bag's tartan should match the kilt i.e the regiment. Did you find them any fiddlier than the French Victrix? I find the slender bits like swords and muskets/bayonets to be tricky to remove form the sprue sometimes (they're very well attached!) so that a very sharp scalpel blade is needed - still managed a lot of 'breakages' - good thing there are plenty of spares!


  5. Thank you, Gentlemen.

    Doc: I will retouch the inlays and the bag.

    As far as delicacy of the Victrix - a little more than the Perry; and certain areas are prone to breakage coming off the sprues. One such area was the cords on the bagpipes. The one in the photo is actually glued back together - now strong, though. I wish they used the plastic that Perry uses.

    Regards, Dean

  6. Wow, lovely. After years of painting Fantasy and Sci-fi mini's and now Warlord Romans, I've just started painting a couple of British test pieces myself, definitely have to modify my paint style with the smaller scale to make it fit this stuff better, as I did with the Romans. Your Highlanders are awesome, are there any larger close-ups available? Love the detail.

  7. PsyPC: Thanks for your comment; you're far too kind; these wouldn't look that good closer-up. BTW, when you say adjust your painting style for smaller figures - do you mean Sci-fi and Fantasy stuff are larger? I thought they were 28mm too. Anyway, hope you enjoy your foray into historicals. Dean

  8. Very nice indeed Dean and I like the chap on the left with the flag pole, as he looks like one mean son of a gun.
    Cheers Paul

  9. Lovely work! I hope I never get hold of any of these nice modern Napoleonic minis, I'd be stuffed.

  10. Thanks! You know some folks think their faces are too caricatured, but I think they look great - they definitely have the grimace down, these Victrix guys. Kind of their trademark - much like the Redoubt Trojan War guys have that open mouth, "duh" look. Dean

    P.S. Simon - someday, maybe!

  11. >>>BTW, when you say adjust your painting style for smaller figures - do you mean Sci-fi and Fantasy stuff are larger? I thought they were 28mm too.
    Much, much larger, most are very much exaggerated in scale. They may say they are 28mm, but most are more like 30mm with larger musculature and heads. I'm finding it very different to paint the historicals.