Monday, July 5, 2010

Aventine Successor War Elephant Crews

The Aventine crews are ready to be mounted on their elephants. The photo below shows the crew for the two-man tower - it consists of  the mahout and one spearman from crew pack C001, and a spearman from C004. The spearman from C004 should have a pelta in his upraised left arm. I may add it later.
The figures are superbly sculpted, and the armor is particularly well-detailed. The muscled-cuirasses have every detail you would think of - from the actual muscled sculpture to the hinges at the shoulders and breast and back plates. The linothoraxes are equally well-detailed and beautifully made.
The next photos show the crew for the three-man towered elephant. Three of the figures (including the driver) are from C003, and the bowman reaching for another arrow is from C005. I actually only ordered two crew sets, C001 and C003, but Keith threw in the samples from the other packs.
Hope to have some pictures later of them in their respective mounts.


  1. Very nice!! I'm following this project with great interest. I guess it will motivate me to paint my Aventine elephant

  2. I assume you have fixed the crew in their howdah? Did you consider leaving them removable? Do you think this could be feasible? Thanks Dean.

  3. I actually did consider it; figured the archers could be swapped in or out with the javelinmen or pikemen. Decided to just go ahead & Super Glue them in. I think a way to do it could be done with pins (or dowels). Some Blu-Tack could assist in holding them down (in conjunction with the pins/dowels). Should work - and it wouldn't be too difficult, I think. Dean

  4. Dean,

    Great painting, I to am a big fan of Aventine would you be able to tell me please how you get the look of the bronze helmets?



  5. Paul:

    For the bronze - I use a combination of Vallejo Bronze & Copper - about a 50:50 mix - sometimes a little varied for different hues. Hope this works for you too. Regards, Dean

    P.S. I do final coat armor (metals) with a clear gloss acrylic spray (Krylon).

  6. Thanks Dean, that's very helpful. I must admit to looking forward to the new Epirots

  7. Paul:

    You are welcome. BTW, I forgot to mention that I also add a bit of wash in the recesses of the armor. I use a watered-down mix of Vallejo Game Ink reddish brown & black for this. Also prior to spraying on the gloss final coat. I've been using Vallejo Matte to paint over the areas that aren't metal (or otherwise need to be shiney). Regards, Dean

    P.S. I've put the Foundry Silver Shields on hold for a little bit - working on a Samurai game in a few weeks.