Monday, September 14, 2015

Solido 1/43rd Scale Porsche 917

Another ebay score arrived today. I was pleasantly surprised that no one else bid on it - low price and free shipping. Maybe the images put people off as it was in the original packaging and appeared to sit in a garage for decades. Anyway, the car itself is in great shape, but the decals have dried up and even flaked off the sheet. The wheels roll, but may need some oiling, as the axles have rusted a bit.
This is the famed and potent 917 powered by a flat-12 cylinder engine. Its top speed at Le Mans in the early 70's was 224 mph - pretty impressive even now. Actually that's deadly fast. This is the same type of car used in the movie Le Mans starring Steve McQueen.
The rear engine lid lifts up, exposing the engine. A Space Marine from McQueen's Marauders next to it for scale. He may have to jump start it with his light saber, as the engine hasn't been run for decades. Hopefully the decals will still be usable too.

Here it is next to some of its predecessors - a 500 Spyder and 904.
With a few 28mm figures for scale comparision
Gentlemen, and Space Marines, start your engines.


  1. Love the car, the movie, the Le Mans race and of course McQueen. They certainly made movies differently back then! Will you be getting the Mustang he drove in Bullitt as well?

    1. Thanks, Soren. Yes, quite an iconic car and certainly different times. I don't plan on getting a 'stang, but as a kid I had a chrome Hotwheels Boss Hoss and a Mach 1. Warm regards, Dean

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    1. Thanks, Fran! It is rather cathartic as now I feel I "own" Porsches, but not have to worry about having them wrecked or stolen, not to mention insuring them. Now where are the keys to my Honda Civic? :) Best, Dean

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    1. Thanks, Jason. It's great to have so many Porsches and not worry about someone denting their doors in parking lots :) Regards, Dean