Friday, September 4, 2015

Bascinet - Camail/Aventail - WIP

Got up this morning - Friday is my day off  from work - and started work on attaching the camail to the helmet. Up to now it has been fairly easy - starting at the rear and working outwards to the front, alternating between each side to ensure the leather strap doesn't distort one way or the other. Since the hole punch my wife had is smaller than the vervelles, I used a drill to enlarge the holes in the strap. From the tutorial I found on the web, a 1/2" socket was used to seat the strap over the vervelle. Paper clips are used to temporarily hold the strap on the helmet. I'll see if Joann's or Home Depot has some wire or leather thong to run through the eyelets of the vervelles once all of them are completed.
Only three vervelles on each side of the front of the helmet remain to be attached. As they arch upwards fairly sharply, and the leather strap doesn't follow the shape, the strap will have to be v-notched and bent upward. As I don't want to mess it up, I've taken a break to assess the next move. For detailed work like this, I always consult my wife, who makes a great adviser and critic.
 On the gaming front, the Ichi-no-Tani game is still scheduled, and plan to have an AAR posted.


  1. All sounds complicated to me?? We need a pic with it on!

  2. This is why knights had squires. :-)

  3. Nice work Dean, you might want some fabric or leather under the mail, those butted rings get hooked into all sorts of inconvenient places.
    Regards HGA.

    1. Thanks, HGA! That would be nice addition. Regards, Dean