Thursday, September 17, 2015

1:43rd Scale Porsche 906

Another diecast ebay purchase - couldn't resist the low "buy it now" (sucker) price and shipping. So, this 906 series is the second of the so-called plastic Porsches of the late1960's. It was the first to use a tubular frame, versus the boxed steel frame of its predecessor, the 904.
Posed next to one of those 28mm fashion models. Speed sells.
In its first race at Daytona in 1966, it won its class against the Ferrari Dino 206.
Again, next to an obligatory 28mm fashion model.
 Below it's placed chronologically next to its brethren. All "street legal" racers.
l-r: 500 Spyder, 904, 906, 917
It came boxed in a nice display case too.
There's only one more racing Porsche I'd like to get, the 956/962; preferably in Rothmans colors.


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    1. I have been quite lucky recently. Warm regards, Dean

  2. Very nice I quite like its shape would go well do dress my 7TV spyfi tables :)

    1. I think so too, Simon. Check it out on ebay. Regards, Dean

  3. At this pace, your car collection will outdo Leno's!

    1. Lol! Good one, Jonathan. Now you made me think I may need a motorcycle, with side car, of course. Best, Dean

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    1. Thank you very much for your kind words and visit. Warm regards, Dean