Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Empire Steam Tank - Ready for Battle

Well, it does still need the Engineer to operate it, but the tank itself is done
I initially painted the shields in the Talabheim colors of red and white, but the white got lost in the silver. I decided to paint them in the Altdorf colors of blue and red - especially after my wife agreed that red and blue would look better against the silver.
That's a Hochland Long Rifle mounted atop the turret; the turret itself holds a Steam Gun which functions as a Breath Weapon. The main body houses a Steam Cannon, which works the same as a normal Cannon except the range is based on how many Steam Points are allocated - up to 36" using 3 Steam Points for 12" a point.
The turret can spin 360 degrees and the cannons can pivot a bit up and down. The road wheels could spin, but not after being glued to the base.
I was going to add some wording onto the scroll, but will hold off until I can figure out what to write.
From straight on, it looks like a space capsule.
This was the last component for a 2,000 point army, but I still need to paint the Engineer as well as two Acolytes to operate the Hurricanum, the Arch Lector to ride the War Altar, and two figures that will double as Wizards. All of these figures will have magnets to have them on their respective vehicles are on separate foot bases, if needed. My buddy Scott and I will be playing a WHFB game this Saturday at The Game Matrix. This will be my first such game and Scott hasn't played since the 3rd edition. Should be fun!


  1. another great unit for your army. Great work on the metals
    Peace James

  2. Thanks a lot, James. Appreciate your thoughts. Best, Dean

  3. She's a beauty, great metallic colours!

  4. Great work Dean , and very good paint .

  5. Excellent work and, as several others have said, the metal painting looks superb.

    So now that you've had some experience painting up a fantasy army have you developed a preference between historical and fantasy painting?

    For me, I like painting fantasy better than historicals (more artistic license) but I much prefer playing historicals so that leads to mainly historical painting.

  6. That is just too cool. I want one! I can't wait for an AAR.

  7. Great job on the steam tank. If you get chance take pic of the whole army arrayed for battle :D

  8. That's a fancy vehicle and fearsome armaments, very well done!

  9. You have done a really nice job on that, really like it.

  10. Thank you all for the very nice comments and interest. I used a can of Krylon Bright Silver for the main armor. The smoke stack and cannon/gun were sprayed with a can of gold I picked up from Joann's. The washes helped the finish.

    @Miles: I feel the same way as you about Fantasy vs. Historicals - That said - I prefer the human factions for Fantasy,

    Warm Regards to all. Dean

  11. Looks wonderful... wondering whether it would work in a VSF / steampunk world...

  12. Thanks for the kind words, Michael and Scott.

    Scott: I don't see why it wouldn't work for VSF/Steam Punk. I think it is a Steam Punk Tank.

    I even think an airship would be in order for this army too.

    Warm Regards, Dean

  13. That's a fearsome machine you have there Dean! Great work and good luck!


  14. Dean, buddy, you made TMP!

  15. Thanks for the nice words, Christopher.

    Doug: LOL! I see Tango1 is on the prowl :)!

    Regards, Dean