Saturday, June 15, 2013

Empire Characters - WIP

Started on the character figures that came with the Hurricaum, War Altar and Steam Tank.
Here is a Light Wizard and Volkmar the Grim. They are magnetized and can go on the vehicles as well as on the infantry base. I will use these two as Battle Wizards for a play test tomorrow - my first time playing Warhammer Fantasy.
In the photo above, from left to right: Steam Tank Engineer, an Acolyte, an Arch Lector and another Acolyte. These also have magnets underneath for switching to their respective vehicles or to go on infantry bases. The Engineer's arms are magnetized for optional arms.


  1. I do love these amazing characters and really nicely done. They must be very small magnets?

  2. Nice WIP mate. Good luck with the game tomorrow may the dice be in your favour :D

  3. These look more like finished than WIP - great painting!

    Good luck on the tabletop, I suspect your opponent really won't be paying attention to the game as he'll be marveling at the your painted mini's - that's a very crafty strategy of distraction.

  4. Perfect! These are indeed characters and go perfectly with their wild Empire machines of war.

    I've got my money on the Empire. Good luck!

  5. Nice work once again.

    I've not seen the use of magnets on standard mini's before, only on Mechs and similar. Nice

  6. Thanks for the very nice comments, Gentlemen.

    Michael: the magnets are sized 1/16" X 1/32" - which fit very nicely in limbs/feet.

    My buddy hasn't played WHFB since 3rd Ed. and this will be my first game, so a lot of muddling through of the rules, I'm sure.

    Warm Regards, Dean

  7. Great painting Dean, I know next to nothing about these guys, but they sure look cool!

  8. These are really coming along well Dean. The faces are wonderful.