Tuesday, April 16, 2013

WHFB Empire Stuff

Got the Empire General and Battle Standard in the mail yesterday; today a box of Order Knights. Went ahead and glued most of the parts together. Lots of spare parts from both kits. Will paint them up as Talabheim - as I like the red and white color combination.
Usually don't post unpainted figs - but just wanted to show what I was working on. In fact, I've seen a lot of folks at the local gaming store playing either WHFB or 40K with unpainted figures - so I suppose they're ready for battle already :)


  1. Hey Ho

    Empire is always a great choice of Fantasy armys...

    Myself work ( loooooong Deadline ) on a Empire Army of Ostermark.

    Actually i have 2 customers who ordered a Paintjob for big Armys...one is also Ostermark and the other is a really big Nordland Army

    on my blog you can follow the projects if you like
    would be honoured if you join my site as i joined you as you always have great projects arround

    King regards
    Michael aka JayCan

    Jay's Wargame Painting

  2. Thanks Captain - I saw your recent work on the General and also the Bretonnians. Fantastic work as always.

    Michael: Thanks for the encouragement - I will definitely be checking out your blog!

    Best, Dean

  3. Mike, LOL! That's what I get for hanging around Pat! Best, Dean

  4. Splendid looking project you have there Dean, best of luck with it Sir.

  5. Agreed, Warhammer is one of those rare games where it's not uncommon to see both sides field unpainted armies. You sir, will not have that problem!

  6. Thanks for the kind words, Gentlemen. Best, Dean

  7. Great figures, the poses are really nice...I'll follow your work with interest!

  8. Will be following your Talabheim project with interest Dean.

    A great army to collect, I'm still wading through painting my Empire stuff so a bit guilty of fielding unpainted (though undercoated at least :-) ) army, but I'm sure you won't succumb to the dark side.

    Noch Weiter!