Friday, April 19, 2013

WHFB Empire Knights - WIP

Worked on the horses today - or more specifically their metal barding. For the armor I used a couple of old bottles of Gunze Sangyo Mr. Metal bufferable metallic paints. I was surprised they were still good as I hadn't used them for about 10 years
I tried to remember how to use them as the tutorial website I had bookmarked years ago was no longer up. From what I recalled I had to use a black undercoat and then brush on a coat of the paint. After the paint dried - within minutes - I took Q-tip cotton swabs and gently buffed the finish to a shine. I used the darker color, Iron, at first, but it look too dark so later went over it with the lighter Chrome. It would've been best to use Stainless, but that bottle had dried up.
As buffing is required to get the proper finish, it is best to do this first and then paint the rest of the model. The rearing horse is actually from the Empire General set - I used just Chrome on that one for a brighter armor. The two larger figures pictured below were painted the same way and the finish has remained unchanged for over 10 years, but I think I'll clear coat these wargaming figure as they'll be handled more.
I'll work on the knights' armor next - I think they'll be a bit more fiddly as the armored areas are a lot smaller.


  1. great effect on the barding I remember painting an empire army in 3 weeks all knights and pistolers.
    Peace James
    another army I sold, need my head checking

  2. Thanks for the comments, Gents.

    James - you can always get another army :)!

    Best, Dean

  3. Impressive, very impressive!

  4. Nice work Dean
    I follow you ;)

  5. Nice work so far, that metal paint method is very effective looking.

    Try putting in that old web link here it might have it recorded :)

  6. The metal effect is striking, if a bit too spit and polish for me at the mo. Am quite curious how the end result will look! Keep 'em coming.

  7. Thanks, Gents! After I finish painting the horses, I'll try to post better pics of the finish. Best, Dean