Monday, April 22, 2013

Foundry French SYW Infantry - Ready for Muskets and Tomahawks

Thanks to my buddy Pat L. (aka Socal Warhammer) who provided me a bunch of GW bases I was able to finish basing the Foundry French SYW Infantry. After a finish of Dullcote, I gave the facings a little bit of highlighting; otherwise I let the Minwax stain do most of the work. They are Grenadiers and Fusiliers from the La Sarre and La Reine Regiments.
They are more lightly equipped than their British counterparts. These French have no backpacks or other field gear.
The La Sarre Regiment with blue facings and red waistcoats:
The La Reine Regiment with red facings and blue waistcoats:
A comparison shot of a Foundry Frenchman and the General Wolfe figure by Front Rank. I was surprised to see these Foundry are actually slightly larger overall than Front Rank. How'd you like to be karate chopped by that French dude!
The unpainted Front Rank British Rangers I picked up in Vancouver, B.C. from Doug Ham a few weeks ago.
And the Front Rank French Coureur des bois who will be the Irregular counterparts to the Rangers; also picked up from Doug. Both the Rangers and these guys' poses make them look like Irregulars compared to the more static poses of the earlier completed British Grenadiers and the French Infantry.
Not sure when I'll paint up the remaining figures, but I finally read through the Muskets and Tomahawks rules and really am looking forward to getting a game in.


  1. Very nice! La Reinne Regiment is my favourite!

  2. Thanks, Gents! Appreciate the kind words. Best, Dean

  3. I love the beefier foundry figures, good work again Dean!

  4. Thanks, Fran! Well-fed and well-bred these Foundry fellows. Dean

  5. Great stuff Dean, very nice!

  6. Great work on your French, Dean! I especially love the highights you've given to the red facings. It really pops.

    This is going to look wonderful on the tabletop!

  7. Fantastic looking troops, Dean, my heartfelt compliments!

  8. Great work! I bought the rules for M&T, but have yet to get a warband.