Friday, April 26, 2013

WHFB Empire General and Order Knights - WIP +2

Finished the General, BSB and Order Knights. Actually still need to finish the actual banners, but the figures are painted. Of course, the bases still need flocking too - this time I'll try to put more effort into them then I normally do.
I notice skulls are prominent on these models.
The two models that come in the Empire General kit. The kit comes with several head choices, as well as weapons. I pretty much went with the ones on the cover of the box.
Both figures are wielding Great Weapons.
I used Vallejo Gun Metal with Silver highlighting for the armor; much easier than the bufferable metal paint I used for the horse armor. The gold is from a 10-year old bottle of  Gold Leaf - amazingly the paint was as fresh as it was when I first bought it.
The Sigmar and Karl Franz logos are also much in evidence.
The BSB's banner is pretty huge - the Grim Reaper with wings spread.
The Order Knights are also finished; just have to finish their lances and shields; as well as the unit standard - it's a one-piece part from the guy with the missing right arm.
As you can see, they are decked out in Talabheim colors. I plan to add spirals to a couple of the lances.

Hoping to get the Empire Army book tomorrow in the mail; I won a copy off of ebay last week. My buddy Pat L. (aka Socal Warhammer) kindly gave me a copy of the Warhammer rulebook - the small one that comes with the Island of Blood set. I read up on the Magic Phase rules and they don't seem too difficult; just need to play them a bit. I'm taking a Level 3 Wizard and will probably focus on Lore of Fire or Lore of Heavens. I look at the Magic Phase as chance to get increased Attacks or Saves.


  1. looking great, have a large emipre army waiting to be painted from a customer.
    Peace James

  2. Oh you did an amazing job with these. The work on the horse armour is stellar. Lovely to see something like this in the wee hours.

    Thank you.

  3. Very nice! I like the sheen on the metal work.

  4. Nice work on those Dean. You've noticed the Skullz then, GW do like their Skullz.
    Still really nice miniatures though, the Empire infantry sets make very acceptable Landsneckts if you ever go in that direction.

    Regards HGA

  5. Thanks so much for the kind words, all. Truly appreciate them!

    Warmest regards, Dean

  6. Hello Dean
    Superb work, and very nice paint, beautiful metals and beautiful rendering of the faces
    Great work !

  7. Nice job they look awesome, especially the metal areas.

  8. It ain't Warhammer unless it has a skull thing goin' on! And the old Count must be built like Arnie Schwarzenegger to wave a sword that size around while controlling a prancing horse but what the heck - they are a joy to paint and you have done a wonderful job as usual bro!

  9. They look great Dean. Your work rate is excellent on these.

  10. Very nice! always had a soft spot for the Empire.

  11. Very nice, I like the colors and the work on the metal!

  12. Splendid work, Dean! It looks like you've been painting WH your whole life. Are you having as much fun painting these as we are watching you paint?

  13. Thanks so much for the kind comments, all.

    It is nice to paint these up - I'm used to the "skullz" now, and even know what the Sigmarian twin-tailed comet means - wow.

    Best, Dean

  14. I like them!!

    I have painted a lot of Empire miniatures in the past they they are a joy to paint because you can include so many different things (depending on the Warhammer edition that you use!).


  15. Smart work indeed Dean, beautiful!

  16. Festively as in May and chivalry!


  17. Excellent work Dean - I like the armour, nice effects you've managed to create. I've only ever done cuirassiers in 15mm.