Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bolt Action Refresher Game at the Game Matrix - 4/20/13

Met Old Bob at the Game Matrix for a Bolt Action refresher game today. He brought his 1,000 point Japanese army with Chi Ha tank, mortar, artillery, sniper and MMG support units. My Fallshirmjaegers had a Panzer IV, MMG, panzerschreck and SdKfz 234/1 recon vehicle as support units. We played about 8 turns with my Fallshirmjaegers decimating the Japanese, but failing to obtain any of the three objectives for the Point Defence scenario we played.
Early in the game, a lucky hit from the Chi Ha immobilized the Panzer IV - basically turning it into a very effective pillbox!
Other than the lucky hit and damage to my Panzer IV, the Japanese marksmanship was not up to par. Even when they did hit, the Fallshirmjaeger Veterans were hard to wound. In fact, a Fanatical charge made by one Japanese squad ended in disaster for them.
The fairly inexpensive SdKfz 234/1 proved to be a very good support vehicle. Not only can it use its special Recce maneuver as a reaction to fire, but it's 20mm light auto-cannon and co-axial MMG make it a great offensive weapon too. In fact, it took out the enemy's MMG team at long range. It also has a 7+ Damage Value which makes it immune to small arms fire, other than taking Pins.

It was good to see Old Bob, who drives all the up from Oregon to game with us sometimes. My buddy Pat, who dropped in to drop off some more WHFB stuff for me, said we may reciprocate and visit Bob next weekend.

The Game Matrix itself was fairly crowded today with a 40K tournament taking most of the tables and Mark Waddington hosting a large play test for his Vietnam game he will run at Enfilade! next month. Here's a picture of Mark's game - he had over 10 players. Mark always puts on spectacular games with his excellently painted figures and handmade terrain.


  1. Sounds like a great game Dean, a pity you could not dislodge Bob from the objectives.

  2. Howzit Bro

    All you need to know versing Japs is never, ever get into hand-to-hand! Use your firepower and blow 'em away - fortunately Fallschirmjaeger have plenty of that! I love the look of your armoured car too. And how much fun is BA?


  3. Cracking looking game, love the view in the opening photograph.

  4. Thanks, Gents.

    Paul - yes, maybe I should've used my vehicles as cover to move on to the objectives.

    Doc - A squad actually did their "fanatical" attack, but fail to achieve enough wounds - thanks in no small part to the FJ's Veteran status.

    Michael - happy the turret view did come out pretty cool.

    Thanks again, Dean

  5. Nice job on the F.J. camouflage Dean, getting those angular blotches right in 28mm scale is not easy.
    Regards HGA.

  6. Veteran vs regular seems to be a tough match up. I'm looking forward to the tournament at Enfilade. I'll be there with veteran Marines.

  7. Thank for the comments, Gentlemen.

    HGA: I used a tutorial for the splinter camo - very effective - actually for 15mm from Resistant Roosters.

    David: I will be looking forward to seeing you at the con next month. Great to hear you'll be participating in the BA tourney Pat is hosting.

    Best, Dean

  8. Great looking stuff! Must admit I envisaged this game working well with light recce armoured cars like the 8Rad, rather than big tanks...

  9. Thanks for the comment, Scott. Tanks are good too - as they get to fire their HE and also MMGs - both if they don't move - as my Panzer IV did once it become immobilized. Best, Dean