Monday, January 16, 2012

Perry Mounted Samurai - WIP

Started on the sashimono for some Perry mounted Samurai. The designs are taken from the excellent Samurai Archives forum.
The initial pattern was roughly sketched with a pencil
These guys will be the general and lords for a Late-Japanese WAB army using the list in the new Armies of Antiquity supplement. I don't have the supplement, but a buddy let me use his book for the list. I understand that the supplement is mainly geared for tournament players. I wished they had continued on with the more detailed/specific supplements - like the cancelled Divine Wind and Successors book.
Hopefully I can have these guys done before a game this coming Saturday; if not, I have some TAG Samurai to fill in.


  1. Looking very nice!! With the quality of your other figures you've painted, I think these will look very special when completed!!

  2. Fecking excellent, I wish I had that skill and patience when I did mine....

  3. Thanks you for the kind words and encouragement, Gentlemen. May have to leave work early today due to heavy snows - might be a good time work on these guys! Best,D ean

  4. I totally agree with the others. You have a bllody good patience to paint those sashimonos

  5. Good work! My son just got MTW:Shogun2 for PC... no doubt he'll soon be asking me for suitable figures...