Sunday, January 8, 2012

Perry French Dragoons - WIP

Feeling guilty as these guys kept getting pushed back in the paint queue, I went ahead and started on them. I'm glad I did as they painted up pretty quickly. Here's a small unit of French Elite Dragoons. The remnants of the box that were previously painted for my buddy - the guys in Spanish brown cloth. Horses are next.
These are painted as 16th Dragoons. There's a Knotel print showing the trumpeter dressed like this - the epaulettes are all white in the print, but since I started with red, as in another illustration of the same figure, I left the crescents red. At first I thought they'd be used as a Small unit (for Black Powder), but I think I'll add them to the 14-man Cuirassier/Carabinier unit to make it a large unit of combined heavies. That should scare the enemy.

On another subject, my buddy let me check out some of the army lists in the new WAB Armies of Antiquity. Boy did it change my Early-HRE Clerical army; took away the Hungarian Light Horse, as well as the Carrocio! I revised the army as a Communal one - no restrictions on Merc troops. I pointed it up to 2,000 for use at the next Enfilade! Pat Lowinger of Northwest Historical Wargames, formerly of Socal Warhammer, is GMing it - more of a friendly bring your 2K army and play kind of thing than a tournament. While looking at the Samurai list, I was bummed to see it ends before the introduction of firearms. However, I did manage to create another 2,000 point army with my existing figures based on a Late-Japanese (aka Samurai) list. I had been waiting to acquire some unit standards, but the new AoA doesn't even allow it; to get a +1 bonus for combat resolution, you can attach the general or a lord to the unit; also giving it a re-roll for failed break tests. Otherwise, I think the local WAB guys will continue using the old supplements.


  1. They're looking very nice already!!!

  2. you can really turn out a lovely figure, love the trumpeter, well done.

  3. Very nice Dean. We are working in a strange parallel! I'm painting my trumpeter's epaulettes silver, could that be what your source indcated as white?

    Cheers, Simon

  4. They look fantastic - highly inspirational!

  5. Your painting is amazing which would normally upset me......

  6. Ah, more French cav - what's not to like? Note they're all elites with bearskins - with the other seven companies of dragoons they'll be an impressive horde!


  7. They are coing out great Dean, Look forward to the finished unit.

  8. Thanks again everyone.


    Please go to that Knotel link - it's on the second page, bottom - the illustrated figures is also in the 1812-reg coat just like the Perry figs. Best, Dean

  9. Doc:

    Right! 7 more companies indeed! LOL! I'm hiding these guys behind some Cuirassiers and Carabiniers in a single formation :)! Best, Dean

  10. Hi Dean, thanks for the Knotel link (which I couldn't access at work, today). Very useful!

    I'm inclined to think the epaulettes are white, as you suggest, but they could just possibly be silver (the epaulettes on the Colonel, on the same page, are also white, but I think a little darker, presumably indicating silver).

    That site is going to be a fantastic resource! Cheers, Simon