Saturday, January 14, 2012

Front Rank General Lefebvre-Desnouettes - Ready to Command

Here he is in the full-dress uniform as commander of the Guard Chasseurs a Cheval. He'll be on a round command stand for Black Powder next. Actually, I going to start on another Front Rank French commander first.
The postman also delivered a copy of Over the Top and Vlad - I had taken advantage of their sale recently. It only took 9 days to get here.


  1. Gorgeous command figure Dean - love the dappled grey horse.

  2. Beautiful command figure Dean. Well done sir!

  3. Great work! Will he be on his own on the base, or with an adc or anyone else?

    Btw, I bought the Vlad book in the WH sale and I thought it was one of the best historical wargame books ever produced - exactly the right balance between rules, history and pics!

    Did you buy it to game with or for the collection?

  4. And by that, I mean supplement books, not rulebooks!

  5. Really nice work and great dappling effect!


  6. Thanks for kind words everyone!

    Vladd309: I was keen to read it as I wanted to read the historical background. I may game it, but haven't any specific figures - the closest is a HYW French, but I think mine is too heavily armored. Funny you should ask about the rules/supplements. I plan to continue using the supplements for games with my local club - but at a convention in May we're all using the new AoA lists (I don't have the book though). Best, Dean

  7. Very nice rendition of one of the most gorgeous uniforms in military history. Well done!


  8. Beautiful Dean, just beautiful.