Saturday, September 24, 2011

Fix Bayonets! 9/24/11

Another winner 2nd year in a row. This is a smallish game day put on by a few local gamers at an historic venue; Fort Steilacoom. It is held in quarters number 2 - the fort's original commanding officers quarters. Here it is restored with a bunch of Canadians marching out in front.
In the first period, I got into a Command & Colors game hosted by Mike G. His figures are superb, and the game was quick and fun to play - first time for me.
In the afternoon I ran a Sharp Practice game. It's really cool to host a game with players who've never played the rules before. The game is fast-play, and the only thing new players have a little trouble with is the concept of Initiative and Actions. It was French victory - the Artillery Train managing to make it to the safety of the garrison. Here are some snapshots I managed to take of the game.
A couple of photos I lifted from my buddy Adrian's blog - View from above the French garrison; hussars riding out to search the woods for guerrilla activity; 12th Legere within garrison walls; cuirassiers rounding bend in the road to the right. In the distance British troops - 60th & 95th Rifles, as well as 23rd Fusiliers.
And the ever "loyal" Spaniards under Tuco; a mandatory unit for Sharp Practice (at least Peninsular scenarios).


  1. Some nice pics, the Napoleonic figures look very nice indeed.

  2. Thanks, Ray. I wish I took pics of the other nice game too. I was too busy playing & GMing :)! Best, Dean

  3. Nice pics and the house looks comfy!