Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Bosworth Field Project - WIP+2

Started on another box of Perry plastics; this time the European Mercenaries set. Using the left over figures from the WotR Infantry set I managed to build 18 pikemen, 12 billmen, 6 handgunners and 6 crossbomen. At first I hesitated on building handgunners and crossmen as I have a bunch of earlier period ones and also a bit later one from an Empire army. Alas, I succumbed and put some together. They were given a basecoat of white, except for the ones in full armor which were sprayed with Krylon silver. The full armored guys have been given a wash of Vallejo Black Ink/Stain. The pikemen and billmen were given their basic colors to distinguish them as York, Lancaster  and Stanley contingents. The missile troops will be painted as mercenaries.
Well, just an initial post with more to follow.


  1. I think this is going to be yet another impressive collection Dean!


  2. Coming along very nicely Dean!

  3. Very nice. And Krylon silver? I'll have to remember that.

    1. Thanks, I believe it's called Brilliant Silver. I've used it on armored troops a lot. Very time saving.