Friday, June 15, 2012

Front Rank Red Lancers - WIP +1

Here they are sprayed with Dullcote and some highlights added. One of the things I've started to do after using Dullcote is dry-brushing the metallic colored areas afterwards. This seems to liven the metallic up again; otherwise those areas seem very dull and muted. I need to make bases for the horses before I start painting them.
The trumpeter is painted in a variation of the normal colors - the czapka is usually portrayed as white, but I have it in red; the trumpet banner is sometimes shown as dark blue - like the facings, but I also read somewhere that it could be red.

Tomorrow, I plan to playtest the Delos Ancient Naval rules - that is, after my oldest son's high school graduation ceremony. This will be the second high school graduation ceremony I'll have attended; the first one was several decades ago - my own, which I have no recollection of.

Speaking of Ancient naval stuff, I went ahead and finished the three CinC merchant ships:


  1. The colors are just wonderful; time for me to dig up some info on these guys.

  2. Looking very good and looking forward to seeing the finished unit.


  3. Thanks a lot for the comment, Andrew.

    These guys came on the scene around 1811, but quickly gained a respectable reputation - firstly in the 1812 Russian Campaign. I understand Cossacks loved to challenge them on the battlefield - something about their red uniforms. The served the Emperor well all the way to Waterloo. Best, Dean

  4. Oh, thanks for that too - Ross. Caught me when I was writing a response to Andrew. Best, Dean

  5. Very smart work. I was a bit hesitant to comment initially when I saw the high gloss red spray used to start, but with the highlights and dullcoate, these look fine now, and I look forward to seeing them mounted up.

  6. Hi Dean,

    That is some beautifully done lancers!! I really like how you do the red and masterfully paint it. Congrat sir. I just recently purchased some Dutch lancers myself from Perry Miniatures. I wonder how they compare in size with the Front Rank's?


  7. very nice, your painting-speed amazes ame almost as much as your skill.

  8. Thanks again for the nice comments all.

    Scott: I understand - the red undercoat was dark and the stain made it even more so - the highlighting made it somewhat like the so-called Foundry-method - dark undercoat with successive lighter highlighting.

    VS: I think Perry & FR would look pretty good together - check out fellow blogger Matt's recently painted Perry Red Lancers

    Best, Dean

  9. I am in awe! What a tremendous unit Dean, absolutely superb!

  10. I like this unit very much. Though FrontRank often seems to be a little bit bulky they are one of the best figures imo.