Monday, June 11, 2012

Front Rank Red Lancers - WIP

Thanks to another great TMP deal I started on a unit of Red Lancers. These are excellent Front Rank sculpts - they seem to have been sculpted with the painter in mind. By that I mean it seems all the details you normally have a hard time getting to with the brush seem to be easily accessible. Here they after a very basic block paint job over a red (yes, red) undercoat, and a Minwax stain of Tudor Satin. After they are thoroughly dried and given a finish of Testors Dullcote, I'll add highlights to the red areas.
This is how they started out - spray coated with a $1.50 can of Walmart red.
With a basic block paint job - no highlights or black-lining. I pretty much just gobbed on the paint.
I should've been a little more careful painting the nicely sculpted eagles on the ammo pouches - but I was being lazy. Also, I figure the Minwax stain will help define the details.


  1. I'm looking forward to seeing these lads completed. Great work.

  2. Looking bloody good so far, I have a soft spot for lancer units!

  3. Thanks a lot for the kind words, Gentlemen. I can't wait till the stain is dry (at least 24-hours) to add the Dullcote so I can add highlights and do some touch ups on these guys. Red Lancers are the rad! Dean

  4. The Red lancers are an awesome looking unit. Lovely work on these guys Dean.

  5. Those look pretty good. Never would have called dip. Are you going to repost after you highlight?

  6. Thanks again for the kind comments everyone.

    FMB: Definitely will - either themselves or once their on their completed mounts.

    Best, Dean

  7. Great stuff as always! Looking forward to seeing them all mounted up.

    Front Rank stuff does look good, but they're SO big! I want to like them, especially the Bavarians, but I'm afraid they would bully my Perry and Victix around. Same reason I got rid of my Foundry stuff because it's now smaller than everyone else.

    You seem to mix all these different minis. The individual units always look great, but how do they work together on the tabletop?


  8. Very striking indeed! Love the before and after shots to, as I would never have thought of using red undercoat, brilliant.

  9. Very, very, very beautiful painted figures. In my opinion this unit had one of the most impressive uniforms within the napoleonic epoch.
    I also like FrontRank very much and it seems that these figures are getting better and better.

  10. Very true Front Rank miniatures are very painter friendly and your are shaping up very nicely so far!


  11. Looking lovely... you always seem to get the good deals off TMP! ;-)