Friday, June 1, 2012

Current Projects & Enfilade! 2012 Booty

With the big convention out of the way - and it was a good one - time to start planning and working on future projects. I've ordered a couple of Hotz mats - one for Roman Seas and another for Gladiator games ("Joey, do you like movies about gladiators?"); finally get to use my Crusader Gladiators.

I also plan to build an opposing army for my Mycenaeans - using Hail Caesar. I managed to score these three bags of OG figures for $10.00 each at the Enfilade! Bring and Buy. Since Hail Caesar bases unit size (i.e. Standard, Large, etc.) on frontage, I plan to have them broken down into 16-man units of two ranks. This will give me 6 Standard sized units of infantry - I'll have to add a figures to each unit,  probably cool-looking leader types.
I also picked up two OOP Foundry WW1 German HMG teams - wearing picklehaube. I also bought a pack mule of unknown manufacturer from one of the vendors at the con; it is non-period specific so can be used for many scenarios.
Finally, I received this box of Prussian Landwehr ror my placing (dead last) at the WAB tournament held on the last day of the convention. Actually all the players (12 total) received prizes ranging from a Warlord Games Dacian starter army to terrain; all generously donated by Brookhurst Hobbies. Pat Lowinger, who ran the tournament worked all of this out for us. Thanks again, Pat & Brookhurst.
I plan to paint up the Landwehr as Russian militia (opelchenie). This will give me a good-sized brigade of Russians for Black Powder, or a 2K or so army for WAB Napoleonics (something Pat is trying to get all of us into).


  1. Nice swag.

    But aw man, last, dead last??? Back to boot camp with Pat you should go. Ah it happens, don't worry about it. I've had it happen a couple times.

  2. Thanks for the sentiment, PC. Actually, I wasn't worried about winning - it was on the last day of the con, I was tired, I had already been "played out." No tactics, I just advanced to engage. My opponents, one a Burgundian army with longbow and cannon just stayed on their end of the table. Best, Dean

  3. A great looking haul!!! Your gonna be a busy boy in the months to come!

  4. Thanks, Ray.

    I've already started on the OG Ancients - sprayed them all with a white undercoat (because I ran out of black and was too lazy to get another can). I'm production line block-painting them and then a stain of Minwax. Best, Dean