Friday, July 8, 2011

The League of Extraordinary Truants 2011 - First Game Day

Thanks to Mark & Joe W., we held our first Truants game of the season. Last week Bruce M. was willing to host the first game at this place, but not enough players could make it so it was called off. Today's game was at The Game Matrix and besides Mark & Joe, attended by myself, Kevin S. and Joe's buddy Mike (who's leaving the area next week).

I actually wasn't sure if anyone was going to show up to game, but I headed for TGM anyway since I needed to pick up some paint. I had boxed up and brought my WW2 stuff for a Disposable Heroes game if anyone showed up empty-handed.

Mark's game was a Vietnam 1:1 skirmish play-test since he's trying out with his own rules. It is a mixture of existing stuff, some of it very much like Sharp Practice (or TFL's stuff anyway). He also incorporated the use of a Huey Gunship and Medevac Chopper. All in all, a pretty neat scenario for a play-test.

Here's a pic of some of the 400-odd US and NVA/VC troops he's painted up recently. All to his high-standard of painting - very beautiful to behold.
After Spotting a unit in Blind, I got to call in air support and decided to use all of my allocated rounds of rockets for a straffing run, as I had to leave the game early. With 30 to hit rolls, I only ended up with several wounds and some Suppression points on the enemy. I'd say the killing should be a bit "bloodier," even considering my so-so rolls.
Not sure what next week's game will be, but if Joe can make it we can host a Disposable Heroes game together.


  1. Nice work. Figures look really good.

  2. I must have just missed you. Everyone else was packing up, when I happened to walk in the Game Matrix.

  3. Ted: I had to leave a little early to take my son somewhere. I left about 2:45. Hope you can make some other Friday. I plan to run Disposable Heroes again. I'll email you the date once we figure out our schedule. Dean