Wednesday, July 20, 2011

1st Corps Hypaspist - Finished

Very nice figures overall; I do have an issue with their shields, though. The shields are very shallow; almost flat. They also don't attach to the figure very well. At least the way I wanted them placed. The left arm is sculpted onto the body, so to have the grip held as it should, the shield would be right against the figure. To me, this doesn't look particularly good, as the shield is so flat. Anyway, I don't plan on replacing the shields anytime soon.
I'm not really sure if the Seleucid anchor emblem is correctly positioned on the standard. From some coinage I've seen, it appears the emblem could be upside down. Again, don't plan on changing it for the time being.

Here's a comparison shot of 1st Corps and Foundry Hypaspists. The figures themselves size up pretty well. However, as you may be able to tell, the 1st Corps shields are close in diameter, but quite flat. The Foundry actually have Aventine shields; which I like the best of all the Hoplite type shields in 28mm.


  1. Outstanding unit. I wish I could paint as well.

    The two figure ranges mix quite well. I don't even mind the shield differences all that much. Chalk it up to different shield makers at the armoury.

  2. I wish both of these ranges had standard greaves... I like what you have done to combine them.

  3. Interesting to see a size comparison, it occurs to me that the 1st Corps figures with the greaves would be useful as late Hoplites.

  4. Thanks, Gents. With the same basic color scheme, they mix well together. Can't really tell who's wearing greaves or not. I think the 1st Corps overhand thrusting pose compliments the Foundry winding up to throw pose. Regards, Dean

  5. I knew they would look wonderful. Excellent work. You're almost tempting into the dark side of the 28mm scale. You bad boy.