Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Perry French Hussars - WIP + 3

The unit of 9th Hussars are now about 75% complete. The main troopers, including a unit of elites are painted. Well, actually their carbines, sabretaches and scabbards still need to be added; as well as flocking. The officer and musician are almost done, but since they both have individual "flair" they'll be worked on separately from the troopers.

Front shots of the elites and the center guys:
Group shots:
And a rear shot to show that I did spend some effort on the pelisses:
I don't want to say these were speed-painted, because there was quite a bit of small details, but I can say they were painted in a production-line sort of way. They need to be ready for a playtest game next Saturday, so I kind of rushed the paint job. I didn't bother to paint the Hungarian knots on the elite's breeches - maybe I'll add them later - but that detail would be very time-consuming. Luckily, I have those sabretache "decals" - I'd never be able to paint those by hand - maybe one, but not 14 of them.


  1. They are excellent Dean,
    Makes me want to go out and buy them!!

  2. Wow Dean! Great results for your speeded-up 'production line' - hasn't effected the quality of your painting at all! How nice are these figures? Champing at the bit to do mine too - but getting frustrated at not being able to get a clear run at it. Seeing your results is inspirational. Can't wait to see the finished regiment!


  3. Dean, excellent job! I'm loving the horses....

  4. Excellent job - your painting skills are certainly an inspiration. I'm hoping my club get back into a Napoleonic mood so I can trot out my army.

  5. Thank you kindly, Gentlemen. So far, so good - only the fiddly stuff needs to be added - carbines and sabretache/scabbard.

    This Perry set is another winner - loads of options - legwear & headgear, also separate pelisses; yet, the parts that do need to go together are few and easily matched up. If you haven't gotten these and wanted (need?) hussars, this would be a great choice.

    Thanks again, Dean

  6. They have come together very nicely Dean, as usual. The 'orses look the business. Did you use a shop bought wash on the horses or make one up?
    I ask as I have been recently attempting the old oil paint based wash and wipe system for horses but with artists acrylics, unfortunately with limited success. I'm not going to give up on it yet, a feller must keep experimenting even though it can be jolly exasperating!


  7. Greg:

    Thanks for the compliment - hope things are going well for you.


    For the horses wash - I used a mixture of Vallejo Game Ink reddish brown (can't read the name on the bottle anymore) & Game Ink Black. I did go over some of the recessed lines with the same mixture - just to bring them out more. I hear you about experimenting - seems after long periods of not painting, I'm relearning stuff - heck, I had to go back to an earlier post on this blog (the one with the Perry Heavy Cav horses) - to recall what I did :)! Dean

  8. Im hearing you Dean, 99% of my stuff is 15mm and it doesn't take much to get a really good effect dry brushing. Coming back to painting and shifting up to 28's is making life a bit harder.
    I have some 54's (Historex and verlinden models) that came out pretty well with solid oils and the wash and wipe oil technique, but both of these are either slow or messy or both depending on the temperature. The horse Im working on at the moment is purely washes although I've prolly gone a bit dark for chestnut or bay now and switching to black is a bit of a cop out ;-).

    Still. a 'orse is a horse of course of course......

    mr Ed

  9. Dave:

    On the horse that the stain/wash came out a little too dark - you can try to dry-brush a lighter brown (bay/chestnut) over the high areas. I've done that sometimes too - for the same reason. Dean