Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bruce's Fast-Play Napoleonic Skirmish Rules

Okay, here's a the actual card that Bruce gave to my buddy Adrian after the game. Note, Bruce is the consummate gentlemen, but being a businessman also - please ensure you send a percentage to him if you pirate these rules and turn a profit.
That's Adrian's hand-written scribbled notation he made during the game for firing in line. D10's are used for both firing and melee. On the fly, the rules for the lancers were, IRRC, +3 in melee (combat) against foot troops. I suppose you can add any variation you see fit and plausible to these rules. For instance, cavalry could get a -1 against infantry in sqaures, etc.

Also, if you moved up to half movement distance, you could still fire; if you took your full movement (in any terrain situation), you could not fire. Blunderbusses get 3D10's, and need a full turn to reload. Units that received hits/kills  from shooting need to roll again to see if an officer in the unit is the casualty - 0's are the officers.

For melee results, roll 1D10 per figure in combat - separately per individual combat between each figure. In melee, 0's are zeroes, not 10's. You need to beat the opponent by at least 2. Bruce didn't seem to allow any two or more against one combat. Ties (using any modifiers) are re-rolled until you get a kill - there are no wounds - only kills & figures removed from the table. Adrian & I think you could be able to roll the entire amount of dice for all the figures in combat.


  1. Thanks for posting the rules Dean and thank Bruce for me.

    I've got the Sharp Practice set and so with both rule sets I should be able to cause a little mayhem in Spain sometime soon.
    Cheers Paul

  2. Paul:

    You're very welcome. You could easily adapt some of the SP rules into Bruce's. For instance, he didn't have the arty or cav (besides movement) rules noted on the card. I kind of like the WAB AoC cannon rules - with the bounce effect. I may add those; as well as the movement costs for changing formations between line, column & square - those are not really clear in SP either. Dean

  3. Dean I have already taken the liberty of modifying these a smidge. excellent little set by the way - but how did you do morale for units? I did up a quick artillery rule as well as distance and reload. for formation changes I always like actions with a mixture of movement reduction for artillery limbering and unlimbering. Glad I found your group - terrain is great i used to live in the Pacific Northwest.

  4. I'm happy to hear the rules worked for you and you got to mod them a bit to suit your needs.

    As for morale - I believe that was something Bruce intentionally didn't include - probably because it is based on small-scale skirmish and things are more up to individuals - I think. :)! Thanks again, Dean

    P.S. Did you game with any particular group while you lived on this end of the world?

  5. Hi Dean - I haven't used them yet - although interesting that the rules had a morale "distance" but no morale in the game (that's a bit confusing?) I haven't played the rules yet - but added a few things that looked like they were missing. I really liked his title Guerillas in the Mist. (I think I am going to try these with Pirates as well. As far as groups for gaming it was with a bunch of guys in Pullman Washington and Moscow Idaho - Mainly CLS Napoleonics with a few others thrown in. (Zulu's one time - years before 40k or Warhammer even existed.) I have been looking at Sharp's Practice but have not bought the rules yet. A friend in Jacksonville, Fl has a set of Victorian Sci Fi called When the Navy Walked - check my blog and his Armchairgeneral for updates.