Sunday, August 22, 2010

How to Build a Samurai Gate

Finished painting the base for the Taira ship - it's a bit greener in natural light. I plan to patch the openings in the deck with the thin balsa wood I have.
The gate is done too; just need to flock the base. The base has sheet metal on the bottom which adds stability to the piece. Several photos from different angles and also with a TAG figure for scale. The doors swing open easily, but not loosely.


  1. Could u please slow down, you make me look so slow!
    Amazing - love the water effect - well done.

  2. Excellent work Dean and I'm looking forward to seeing the game

  3. Really impressive Dean,
    Really enjoying your step by step process. Wish I had the skill to tackle a project in the same way. I can paint figures not so bad but I crumble when it comes to doing any form of terrain well.

  4. Gentlemen:

    Thanks again. I have to admit that I was much put off by terrain building too. And if the price is right, I'm the first to buy ready-made stuff. However, for this project, I looked all around and couldn't find the right models, so figured I'd give it a shot. Since starting, I've become a bit more comfortable - at least with this project. Warm Regards, Dean