Friday, May 14, 2010

Old Glory Cretan Archers

Thanks to a fellow member on The Miniatures Page I now have some Cretan Archers for my Epirote Army. I placed a "want ad" in the Marketplace on Monday, and they arrived yesterday! Wow! Anyway, I was able to start on them today. I like to use white as the base coat when there are a lot of flesh areas (as most Ancients are). The flesh base itself is a mix of Vallejo Medium Flesh and Foundation White. A wash of Vallejo Ink will be applied over this - the reason for the addition of the white is to compensate for the ink/stain effect.
I'm only using 12 of the archers - on 3/4" (20mm) fender washers. My buddy is getting 15 of them for his soon-to-be realized Successor Army (I hope). I figure one good unit of these guys will suffice, if more missile guys are needed, I may add some slingers. I really like these figures - lots of character and great poses; I think their wavy hair is nicely-done too.
Okay, the flesh and hair are done. The tunics are base coated too; the blues and greens will be toned down  and muted once the highlights are added. The progress isn't too bad - considering I got my car's emission tested (after being stuck in traffic for about an hour), and registered. I also washed one of my dogs and the car too when I came home. Oh, and I later went out to lunch with my wife after her appointed at the hospital. All in all a fairly productive day. Time for a break and see what's on the idiot box.


  1. Those look great already! Your upcoming WAB game at Enfilade should be the best looking game at the convention.

    Well after the Sharpes Practice game anyway.

  2. James:

    Thanks for you kind words - but, I'll be happy if folks just show up to play them :)! Anyway, looks like these archers should do the trick. I appreciate your offer for the use of your guys though. Regards, Dean

  3. Hi Dean, those are nice little miniatures. How do they compare sizewise with Foundry WotGs, please?

  4. Theyre looking excellent good job...

  5. Thanks, Gents.


    I'll be sure to post a comparison shot with the other makes I have - so far, Foundry, Crusader, Redoubt, and Magister Militum; I used to have A&A foot, but now only the guys in the Companion cav wedge. Dean

  6. Nice work, Old Glory can produce some real gems.

  7. I totally agree - in fact, my experience so far, is that they have more good ranges than bad. Dean