Saturday, May 29, 2010

Enfilade! 2010 - Sharp Practice

Well, it's late in the evening, and I'm relaxing with a St Pauli Girl Special Dark and ready to hit the sack for an early wake up for another round at Enfilade! 2010. But, before I do, I wanted to post a few pictures from the Sharp Practice game I hosted this afternoon. This was during the first period of the convention - starting at 2:00pm. Surprisingly, there were actually more folks wanting to play then the four slots planned - so I let two more folks in; total of six players. The nice game mat is Adrian's, who let me use it - quite an honor, as it is the first time being used. Adrian helped me co-host, but he hadn't played it in a long time and pretty much let me run the show. Half of the players either had a copy of the rules or played a somewhat similar Too Fat Lardies game - I Ain't Been Shot Mum!; one player - Mitch B., actually ran the first Sharp Practice game I ever played at a previous convention. He hadn't played it in awhile too though. So, this sort of experience helped out in some ways, but in others, it led to a lot of questions - as I Ain't Been Shot Mum! does  have a few differing mechanics. Add to that the Sharp's rules aren't the most detailed - so I had to make some on the spot rulings (which is why Game Masters get paid the big bucks :)!

Anyways, here a few photos Adrian was kind enough to snap whilst I was knee deep in running the game.
This was only my second time hosting a game at Enfilade, but being in the early period on the first day allowed it to be pretty low-key and low-stress. In fact, there were still a lot of great games going on. Right next to this table, a really nice Hundred Years War game using Crusader rules was being run by Chris C. I played a new board game with Adrian in the next period - Richard III. It's a pretty cool game, but I like pushing figures around better. Tomorrow, I hope to get in a few more games - actually pre-registered for a Colonial game in the afternoon. Sunday morning is another biggie - for me - co-hosting a WAB game with my Epirote army taking on Adrian's Republican Romans.


  1. Looks like a great game - well done.

    I like how the table looks full but isn't cluttered - there's a lot of room for maneuver.

    Looks like it was worth all the effort you put in


  2. Miles:

    Thanks! I'm headed out the door for another day at the convention - hopefully get in on a Boxer Reb game in the a.m. and a Colonial game in the afternoon. Best, Dean

  3. Glad the game went smoothly, must be a bit nerve wracking running it at a convention. The table looked good - see if you can steal your mates mat! Can u snap some pics of the colonial game?

  4. Lookin' good Dean! It can be a bit nerve-wracking to host a game - particularly if you haven't done it before. The fact you've got more interest than anticipated is one of those little things that comes out of left field but as long as everyone's enjoying themselves (including you!) Good to see you're taking time to check other things /get other games at the 'con - not much fun in getting trapped into just one & defeats the purpose of going to a 'con I reckon. Be interested in some pics of the colonial game - have fun!


  5. From the pictures and the comments, it sounds like you had a successful game!