Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Gladiator Shields Painted

Finished the shields for the Crusader Gladiators. Actually only some of the large ones; most of the small ones were left the way they were.
They are also based on the rounds that I had initially wanted to swap out for hexes.  However, the shipping was more than the bases themselves. Monday Knight Productions should have them for sale at Enfilade in a few weeks. I'll probably get some and rebase these guys.
Group shot of Crusader Gladiators; types: Murmilliones, Thraex, Hoplomachoi, Secutor, Scissors, and Crupellarius.

The few Front Rank figures I ordered through The Panzer Depot arrived today. The owner, John, was kind enough to send them down from Kirkland - saving me the drive up. He said he probably wasn't going to make it to Enfilade, unfortunately. From left to right in the photo below - French Drum Major, Jinglin' Johnny, French Guard Foot Artillery Officer (to provide training to the Line Foot guys manning 12pdrs) and two Spanish Infantrymen - who I hope to have painted up for Enfilade - to beef up the group of guerrillas.
Speaking of Enfilade, Adrian and I still need to do a quick playtest for our WAB game. It shouldn't be too stressful, Adrian is an old hand with the rules - 1.5 at least. He ordered the 2nd Edition and if it arrives in time, we may use the rules new version. That would awesome - as Chris Farley used to say.


  1. The gladiators are awesome - have quite a large Foundry collection myself - gladiators are so cool.

  2. great job of the shield detailing - they are great looking figures


  3. Thanks again guys. I'm happy that they're finally painted. Now I can look for a set of rules at the local convention, Enfilade, in a few weeks. Maybe even find one on the "bring & buy" table. Regards, javascript:void(0)Dean

  4. Great gladiators Dean! It reminds me to do up the ones I got years ago from Castaway Arts. Enough of them you could maybe consider a Sparticus scenario against the legions? Interesting skirmish game maybe?

    I like your FR figures and will be interested to see how you paint 'em up - you can really got to town on the musicians in particular!


  5. Thanks, I appreciate the comments. I may someday get the Spartacus WAB supplement - I've thumbed thru it and it looks interesting. My buddy has a large Republican Roman army that would be a good opponent, but I don't know if I could field that may gladiators/revolting slaves.

    Oh, and I got those fancy musicians mainly to paint them - no real plans for them on the battlefield. Front Rank figures really are beautiful sculpts. Dean

  6. Hey - just painting some gladiators myself and stumbled across this page - these are AMAZING!