Saturday, May 29, 2010

Enfilade! 2010 - Day 2 (Saturday)

Well I didn't get to sign up for the Boxer Rebellion game this morning, but  I still managed to have my Japanese figures used. This actually allowed me some time to wander around and snap some pictures, but as usual when I got home, I saw that most of the images were too blurry. Here's a shot of the convention room:
The best photos are posted below with captions of the game name, hosts, scale and ruleset:
Here are a couple of pictures of the Boxer Rebellion game - the wall was scratch-built by Gene  Anderson using foam core. It's a really excellent piece - and it really set off the game table.
I also had to include a shot of my Japanese figures being well-run by a player who managed to get them scaling the Chinese walls - I think the only unit that made it. Great job!
Here's the game I played in during the afternoon session - Bruce Smith's Going South using The Sword in Africa rules. He had 8 players and ran the game excellently.I ran a group of British South African Company that was tasked to scout the area for possible expansion. I ended up getting all my guys killed - some from Mahdists troops, some from Germans, and the majority from a mummy in the temple. Yes, a mummy! And one that can't be killed! Thanks a lot Bruce.
I regret not taking a shot of the entire table - and showing the temple with it's marvelous top on. Bruce scratch-built this piece sometime ago - but it still looks great.  Anyway, it was a really fun game and with a lot of action going on all around the table. Comparing TSATF (and variant) rules, I am still happy with Sharp Practice - mainly because of the use of Big Men. I think this scenario, or a similar one, could be easily adapted to Sharp Practice too.

Well, tomorrow morning Adrian and I will host our Battle of Heraclea game and I hope I'll get some nice shots of the game to post.


  1. Thanks for posting the pics. I really like seeing the great games put on at conventions.

  2. Paul:

    Thanks - glad you liked the pics (even if some were a bit fuzzy). BTW, WWI was represented with air and naval games - quite a few; but don't recall seeing any land games (The Great War or other ruleset). I should've taken better pics of those - maybe today. Regards, Dean

  3. Nice pictures! I empathize with you about the fuzzy photos. I had ended up with a bunch during my Sat evening walkabout. I rely on both my flexible and full-sized tripod for gaming photos. I like how you posted titles on each photo. I'll have to remember to do that the next time.