Saturday, April 3, 2010

Some "House-Rules" for Sharp Practice

Perusing the excellent Sharp Practice Forum I've yet to find a definitive answer to a question that came up during a recent play test game. The issue is how to change a formation in column into line. The section on "Changing Facing and Formation", doesn't specifically address the scenario we encountered. That is a formation (which for Sharp Practice is two or more "groups" combined) in march column needing to reform on line to their direction of march. The aforementioned rule seems to only address a change if the column were to turn to line 90 degrees of their march. The optional rules found in Appendix One "Step Sharply" has a good overview of the different drills each major nation performed, as well as excellent diagrams. It even concludes with a subsection of "Using Drill For Table-Top Formations." However, it doesn't include actual application, nor distances to use for these movements.

In the absence of specific rulings, I've proposed to my gaming buddies, the following "house-rule" to change a formation in march column to line in the direction of march. Hopefully the following diagrams with captions are self-explanatory. I have the original as a Power Point Slide Show with the units moving up in sequence automatically - in my previous career I had to stoop to being a Power Point "Ranger" sometimes.
This may all seem a bit trivial and common sense, but it came up for discussion at the last play test and hopefully this "house-rule" will solve our future games in this regard.

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