Saturday, April 17, 2010

Perry Napoleonic Casualties

Just a little update to keep this blog alive. While awaiting the arrival of Sash & Saber French Artillerymen, Victrix Flank Company Highlanders, a few Front Rank figures, and the soon-to-be released Perry French Hussars (pre-ordered), I figured I'd paint up a couple of casualty figures that came with the French Heavy Cavalry box.

The British figure comes with separate musket and covered Belgic shako. I don't think the French figure comes with a weapon. There were six total casualty figures - three each French and British.

I postponed another Sharp Practice playtest until next Saturday. I was hoping to have the S&S artillerymen in and painted for the game, but it still isn't in. In fact, I was informed yesterday, that the order may be delayed due to the vendor being at a convention.


  1. Nice painting but I especially love the way you base your casualties, following the shape of the figures.

    It's looks very neat just like the paintjob.


  2. Nice work Dean - I like the shaped base - bit like the shape of a chalk outline in a 'whodunnit'- great idea!

    The way your highlight the folds and creases in the material of the uniform is particularly life-like.

    Well done mate.


  3. Thanks, Gents! I try to get some use out of my Dremel tool :) Also, the bases look too large if they weren't cut along the outlines of the casualties. Regards, Dean