Friday, April 30, 2010

Sash and Saber French Artillery Battery

Well, finished the Sash and Saber crew to man the two 12 pounders which had already been painted before. I know the color of the "green" of the gun carriages and accessories varied - it was a mix of yellow and black paint available. However, I think I may use Vallejo Brown Violet in the future, if I acquire more French guns. The Vallejo color is used on the "sticks" the crew are carrying. It's a more subtle color than what I used for the gun carriages.
Granted these are Line Foot guys and 12 pounders, from what little I know about Artillery, were normally reserved for the Guard. I also recall reading something about 12 pounders being a rarity in the Peninsular. This will have to do for now though, as there is another round of Sharp Practice scheduled for tomorrow. This will be likely the final playtest before Enfilade. Adrian and I still need to playtest our last-minute WAB game we're also hosting at the convention. Thankfully, Adrian knows WAB (at least 1.5) like the, "back of his hand" - his words, really :)!

I should add that the figures themselves are nicely sculpted and all 10 figures in the set are individual poses - no duplicates. Not painted yet are a pile of backpacks that came with the crew set, and some additional pieces like a bucket of cannon balls and ramrods that came with the cannon set.


  1. Man, another home run, Dean!!

    I think the gun carriage color is fine - better to make them stand out more.

    Great job!

  2. Greg:

    Thanks! I don't know if you already have Sash and Saber pieces, but their cannon are nicely sculpted. I think mine are missing the end caps for the wheels, but are just fine for the gaming table. Regards, Dean

  3. No, I don't have any S&S 28's; used to have a bunch of 40mm F&IW, but converted to 28mm.

    I've been drooling over Scott M's 28mm S&S stuff for awhile now, but can't justify yet another period to start collecting in!

  4. Personally I think the colour you have used on the guns is perfect. I really don't think you need to change it.

  5. They're really nice figures Dean - and your usual great paint job. The 12 pdrs were usually divisional artillery - as guns at the brigade level were 8 pdr or lighter calibers. The 12s were used by the Guard as you suggest but not all that common in Spain due one would imagine due to the logistics of maintaining them in that theatre.

    I agree with the others that the colour on them looks pretty right - I've seen some slightly darker olive green but most about that shade. The only other thing is that the barrels were usually blackened on service.

    A fine battery sir and one that no doubt will inflict some damage on the enemy!


  6. Thank you all for the positive feedback on the arty colors - they're good as is. But I can't bring myself to not have shiny bronze barrels - historical or not :)! Thanks again, Dean

  7. Hi
    Beautiful guns... 12lbs were reserve batteries used at army corps level but, as Doc said, 12lbs were not used in Spain because of the bad roads. The most heavier guns here were 8lbs.
    Good wargaming!

  8. Fantastic stuff! French artillery green is difficult to achieve and I think you have got it!


  9. Really well done! I think the Sash and Saber figures are just about the best value out there, and you've done these proud!

  10. Gents:

    I appreciate all of your comments - these guys were put to use today in a Sharp Practice game. They didn't do bad at all - if anything they really intimidated the British advance. Dean